Welcome to my web-page. On the right are links to some of my research and writing. My primary areas of research are international law, with an emphasis on the use of armed force and the laws of war, and comparative constitutional law with a focus on Japanese and Angl0-American law.

In addition to my academic writing, there are links to my op-ed and blog writing, which are also reproduced here along with some unpublished musings on issues I am thinking about or working on, as well as a page listing my academic presentation. There is a bio and a link to my CV for anyone interested.

There are a couple of pages with links to sources on law and policy in Japan that I try to maintain for my own use, which some may find helpful. Finally, there are links in the right margin to some related blogs and other law and policy sites.

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Written by Craig Martin

April 15th, 2008 at 11:09 pm

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